AP3-SUB-005 FA24T WM

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Cobb AccessPort V3 2019-2021 Ascent

AP3-SUB-005 FA24T WM

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  • NEW! The Cobb Accessport V3 unlocks extra power and more features from your Subaru Ascent.

    Accessport V3 functions include:

    • Reprogram the car ECU with revised settings for fuel, timing, boost pressure, and more
    • Check and clear diagnostic trouble codes.
    • Raise rev and speed limiters.
    • Enable valet and security maps that are impossible to defeat.
    • Display boost and other live ECU data.
    • Display 0-60 and quarter mile times.
    • Log ECU data for later review on your PC.
    • New! Adjust idle speed and global ignition timing.
    • Large, bright higher-resolution screen
    • Customizable multi-gauge display. Up to six simultaneous gauges displayed!
    • In-vehicle mounts, on/off switch for ease of use in the car
    • Interchangeable face plates. Gray is included. Others are available from the Cobb Tuning web site.

    Cobb claims power gains of +5% peak HP and +3% peak torque on 87 octane, +8% peak HP and +14% peak torque using 93 octane fuel.

    Note that the Accessport does not and CANNOT change, delete, or defeat "Check Engine" lights or codes.

    Includes AccessPort, cabling, mounting bracket, storage case, and instructions.

    Fits all 2019-2021 Subaru Ascent. 


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