GR GV post-facelift pre-facelift

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Bumper Vents 2011-2014 WRX and 2008-2014 STI

GR GV post-facelift pre-facelift

b_code, e_family

  • These plastic pieces have an annoying tendency to pop off and get lost. We stock replacements. The vents come ready for painting; have your local body shop spray them in the color of your choice.

    Due to the unpainted nature of this product, some scuffing does occur in production. Returns/exchanges will not be accepted for imperfections on the surface. They are intended to be painted, so a perfect surface finish is not a priority when Subaru manufactures these.

    Note that if these have popped out of the bumper, the new ones might not stay in that well.  We suggest 3M high-strength auto body tape if they show any signs of being loose.

    Normally the white retention clips stay on the car, but if you are missing those, you can select "With Clips" and we'll include the three white plastic retention clips for a small additional charge.

    Sold individually, left or right. Fits all 2011-2014 WRX and 2008-2014 STI. Does NOT fit non-turbo Impreza.


  • SKU#: 08243UNLE, 08243UNRI, K08243LE, K08243RI

    Shipping Weight: 1.0 lb

    Supplier: Subaru

    Category: Scoops, Vents, Grilles