ACT Streetlite Flywheel 2002-2005 WRX

  • The ACT Streetlite flywheel is constructed from strong-but-light chromoly steel, and it's around ten pounds lighter than stock. It is durable and thick enough to be resurfaced if necessary.

    The ACT Prolite flywheel is even lighter than the Streetlite. It's ideal for road racing, autocrossing, or other applications where quick response is paramount. It can take a little getting used to driving with a very light flywheel, but we think the benefits are well worth it.

    Note: The light weight of these flywheels may result in additional drivetrain noise. Also, because the engine revs up and down so much faster, the 2.0-liter ECU may get upset and throw a single-cylinder misfire CEL code. (These codes can be disabled using custom ECU programming.) We will not accept any returns because of these conditions.

    Remember to torque flywheel bolts 52.8 ft lbs for WRX 

    Fitment note: Fits 2002 Cars with a build date of March 2001 and later 

    Weighs 13.9 pounds

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    Shipping Weight: 15.0 lb

    Supplier: ACT

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