AWD Tow Decal


  • AWD car owners know that you should NEVER tow the car on two wheels, because that can destroy the center differential coupling. But...not all tow truck operators seem to know that. We have many horror stories from customers whose cars were towed and damaged because they were not flat-bedded.

    This decal may help prevent such problems. It gives useful advice to would-be tow-ers, using both words and pictures.

    This is a digitally-printed self-stick decal that is coated with an anti-UV coating for long life, even when exposed to the elements. It sticks to the OUTSIDE of the windshield, or anywhere else you want to put it.

    We even have different ones for the GD, GV/GR, and VA chassis! (If you don't know, the GD is 2002-07, GR is 2008-2014 hatchback, GV is 2008-2014 sedan, and VA is the 2015+ sedan.)

    White decal with black ink and border. Sun-resistant. 4.5" wide x 1.5" high.


  • SKU#: 04430, 07584HA, 07584SE, 08604

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    Supplier: Mach V Motorsports

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