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BCP X500R Turbocharger 2002-2007 WRX/2004-2021 STI

GD GG GR GV metalmani VASTI

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  • When BCP set out to design the BCP X500R Turbocharger, they wanted to completely reshape the power potential of a true stock-location and most importantly stock inlet size turbo charger. Not only were they impressed by their testing results, they were shocked with how this turbo SET THE RECORD for stock inlet size horsepower. Between the spool time and power potential, you really can’t beat this turbo!

    The BCP X500R Turbocharger will support over 600whp with proper supporting mods. With a stock inlet size, it truly is a bolt-on unit. You can even install this turbo on a stock car if you wish. With unmatched spool time it makes sense to install on even the simplest setups because of the room it has to grow. To maximize the results on higher horsepower setups, we suggest the following mods:

    • Closed-Deck engine (IAG)
    • Stock heads (or mild port)
    • Stock cams (they just work best with this compressor)
    • A GOOD Front Mount Intercooler
    • A GOOD Equal Length Header
    • 3″ Cold Air Intake or larger
    • Ethanol Fuel (E85)
    • To make over 600whp on E85 we suggest ID1700s and dual fuel pumps

    Note that this turbo has a LARGER inlet than stock, at 2.4"/61mm instead of the stock turbo 2.2"/56mm. The stock turbo inlet hose WILL NOT FIT. Although some silicone inlets intended for stock turbos can be stretched onto this turbo, we recommend the Killer B Extreme Flow Hard Turbo Inlet with a 2.4" coupler.


    • Compressor Wheel:9-blade Billet
    • Compressor Housing:Red powder coat
    • Max Flow Rating:680+ Crank Horsepower
    • Bearing type:Dual-Feed Hydrostatic w/ Heavy Duty Thrust Bearing
    • Gaskets included:Yes
    • Studs included:Yes
    • Turbine Housing:10cm; Subaru EJ In/Out Flanges
    • Tune is REQUIRED to run this turbo
    • We do NOT recommend running any type of oil restrictor with this turbo

    We include a custom 15psi internal wastegate on this turbo.

    Fits all 2002-2007 Subaru WRX and 2004-2021 WRX STI.

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    Supplier: BCP

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