Blouch 16G XT Turbo

  • The Blouch 16G-XT is a proven performer utilizing the latest in billet compressor aerodynamics combined with genuine Mitsubishi journal bearing technology.

    The compressor housing is a custom Blouch item with improved fitment with the new 16G-XT aero. The closed die forged fully machined billet 16G-XT compressor wheel is lighter yet stronger than a cast unit, with greater flow rate. The center housing is genuine Mitsubishi, with all genuine Mitsubishi parts. The Mitsubishi TD05H turbine wheel fits into your choice of 7cm2 or 8cm2 turbine housings. A complete drain tube/coolant line package is pre-installed for a complete bolt-on package.

    The 16G-XT spools very quickly, produces great mid-range torque and excellent top end power for its size.  If 410 crank horsepower is your goal, this turbo is for you!

    Note that all Blouch turbochargers are custom-built to order and may not be returned.
  • SKU#: 07312A, 07312B, 07312C, 07312D, 07312E, 07312F, 07312J, 07312G

    Shipping Weight: 20.0 lb

    Supplier: Blouch

    Category: Turbochargers