Blouch 18G XT-R Turbo

  • The Blouch 18G Subaru WRX turbo upgrade is a custom-built bolt-on turbo that balances good spool-up with killer top-end punch. The proprietary Blouch turbine housing makes the turbo a direct bolt-on for WRX or STi. The latest "XT-R" version of this turbo features a die-forged billet aluminum and CNC-machined compressor wheel, which is lighter, stronger, and more efficient than a traditional cast compressor wheel, for faster spool and better power.

    The center section is a Garrett ball-bearing unit for maximum spool and lowest drag. The center section is cooled by both oil and water, just like your stock turbo. If you want even higher performance, upgrade your 18G with Jet Hot high-temp ceramic coating on the turbine housing. Turbine housing porting (smoothing and shaping of the turbine outlet) is standard on all Blouch 18G turbos.

    Includes coolant supply line with banjo bolt and seals, oil return line with gasket and bolts, and inlet and outlet gaskets. The coolant pipes and oil return line are pre-installed to make your installation easier. A bolt-on fit for all 2002-07 WRX. Great for big-power 2.0 liter engines! When ordering, specify what style oil feed line (WRX or STI), and turbine housing size (8cm2 or 10cm2). Compressor lb/min: 43 Approximate horsepower capacity: 430 (crank)

    Note that all Blouch turbochargers are custom-built to order and may not be returned.

  • SKU#: 07859WR8C, 07859C, 07859D, 07859E, 07859G, 07859H, 07859J, 07859L, 07859M, 07859N, 07859Q, 07859R

    Shipping Weight: 35.0 lb

    Supplier: Blouch

    Category: Turbochargers