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Blouch Dominator 2.5XT-R "Polka Pickle" Ball Bearing Turbocharger

GD GG GR GV metalmani VASTI

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Oil Feed Line
Housing Options
Turbine Housing Size
  • Specs
    • Garrett Ball bearing CHRA
    • 60mm Turbine Wheel
    • 71mm XT Compressor wheel
    • 49lbs per min
    • 8cm or 10cm Exhaust housing available
    You know how some people just cannot leave a good thing alone? Kinda like continually tweaking on a performance car when it already runs great. Well, that's how it is at Blouch Performance Turbo: They couldn't resist tweaking the "Polka Pickle" to squeeze a little more "juice" out of it.

    In order to "juice" it up, the Pickle got an optional 10cm2 turbine housing to reduce turbine inlet pressure and engine pumping losses. Next, Blouch added the latest "XT-R" fully-machined billet compressor wheel technology to optimize the aero of this little cucumber and increase compressor flow to 49 lbs/min within the same inducer geometry. All of this combined with state-of-the-art Garrett GT turbine and full ball bearing technology to produce a complete bolt-on package that includes braided stainless steel turbo oil feed line, oil feed restrictor, turbo oil drain tube, coolant lines and turbo mounting gaskets. An adjustable upgraded wastegate actuator is standard issue on the Dominator 2.5XT-R and is pre-calibrated to operate at 15 PSI unless otherwise specified.

    Options includes black ceramic coated turbine housing (as shown in photos) and 3" bellmouth inlet compressor housing (Note that ceramic coating may add 1-2 weeks for delivery.) So does it dance?  You bet it does - quick spool, a nice broad flat torque curve and awesome peak horsepower that just keeps on pulling.  If 490 crank horsepower is the target for your EJ25, the BPT Dom 2.5XT-R is for you!

    Note that this turbo may vary slightly from the photos, as compressor and turbine housings are updated frequently.

    Fits all 2002-2007 WRX, and 2004+ STI (including 2015+).

    Note that all Blouch turbochargers are custom-built to order and may not be returned.
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    Shipping Weight: 30.0 lb

    Supplier: Blouch

    Category: Turbochargers