6MT EJ25 post-facelift VASTI

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Brembo Brake Pads 2018-2021 STI

6MT EJ25 post-facelift VASTI

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  • Brembo NAO brake pads are made from high-quality ceramic materials, and offer an excellent balance between stopping power and low noise levels. These brake pads are engineered to deliver consistent braking performance under all street driving conditions. They’re also designed to leave minimal dust and debris, keeping your wheels cleaner for longer and reducing wear and tear on your brake system.

    Brembo NAO Ceramic brake pads represent the company's most streetable pad. Designed for longevity, the NAO ceramic compound offers long service life and low wear without compromising braking efficiency. All Brembo pads go through a special scorching process that greatly reduces fading and minimizes running-in time. With Brembo NAO Ceramic brake pads, you can brake with confidence right after installation.

    Brembo NAO pads provide superior heat dissipation, improving overall braking performance and extending the life of your braking components. Designed to be an exact OEM fit for your vehicle, these brake pads offer easy installation.

    Brake pads directly affect comfort through noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH). This is why Brembo NAO Ceramic pads feature a special multilayered ESE (Elastomer-Steel-Elastomer) shim that prevents the transmission of vibrations generated when the pad comes in contact with the rotor. Brembo uses OE molding in the pad manufacturing process, which eliminates NVH issues caused by improper pad-to-rotor fitment.

    The Brembo NAO ceramic brake pad compound generates low amounts of brake dust, making it easy to keep your wheels looking clean for longer.

    Maybe you won't care about this, but we have to say the packaging is the best in the industry. Each pad set comes tightly wrapped in a kind of a burlap thick paper protective wrap, and is then secured by an extra-fat rubber band. Unlike many budget pads, these won't arrive chipped up and surrounded by a pile of pad dust.

    Each set includes four pads with pre-installed shims, plus a pack of "B-Quiet" lube and a Brembo decal.

    This pad is only available for the FRONT calipers at this time; sorry, Brembo does not yet offer a matching rear pad.

    Fits all 2018-2021 Subaru WRX STI.

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