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COBB Flash Kit & Calibrations for Subaru 2022+ BRZ / 2022+ Toyota GR86


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  • The Subaru BRZ and Toyota GR86 are very good right out of the box, but also lend themselves perfectly to tuning and performance upgrades. Enjoying either of the 86 twins on the track benefits hugely from tuning and this is the best ECU tuning solution available to turn up an otherwise stock car. While power increases are minimal, the implementation of COBB Custom Features significantly improve both performance and drivability when at or near the limit.

    The COBB Tuning flash kit utilizes the already-known EcuTek dongle and software to harness the power of COBB Tuning’s exclusive custom features.

    Each Map will have map slots that incorporate different COBB Custom features and safeties depending on which slot the customer selects:

    • COBB Traction Control
    • COBB Engine Safety Measures (Both Oil Temp & Water/Coolant Temp based)
    • Valet Mode

    Customers will have the ability to switch between the map slots using the cruise control stalk or they can utilize the mobile app and our custom map slot presets to seamlessly transition between them while on the go!

    Our Flash Kit coupled with OTS maps are fully covered by an EO from CARB meaning that your customers both inside and outside CA can tune their vehicle using COBB without worry!

    When Tuning with 93 Octane

    188.3 ft-lb @ 3180rpm vs 187.2 ft-lb @ 6090rpm

    236.7 hp @ 6830rpm vs 234.8 hp @ 6770rpm

    NOTE: Map files are accessed via the EcuTek phone app and are not downloaded from the COBB website.

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    Supplier: FastWRX.com

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