EJ GE GH GR GV post-facelift pre-facelift switchback

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Color-Changing LED Turn Signal Bulbs 2008-2014 WRX/STI

EJ GE GH GR GV post-facelift pre-facelift switchback

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  • We think these are totally amazing.  See, the stock front turn signal is also your marker light.  And it's amber.  We'd like to replace it with cool-looking hyper-white LEDs, but it would be illegal to not have an amber turn signal.

    Enter these awesome replacement bulbs.  They use a matrix of  surface-mount technology high-powered LEDs in TWO colors -- hyper white AND amber.  They light up hyper white when the car lights are on, then when the turn signal or hazard lights illuminate, they light up AMBER.  Turn off the turn signal, and they revert to hyper white.  It's all completely automatic.

    The video below shows the standard bulbs -- see our second video below for a comparison of the two types.

    Easy to install -- remove the battery on one side, and the airbox on the other side, to reach the back of the bulb socket, then just swap in the new bulbs.

    NOTE! LED blinker bulbs will cause your turn signal/hazard flasher to blink extra-fast. Get the special LED-capable blinker relay to avoid that problem.

    The standard bulbs have high-tech surface-mount LED drivers.  The Mega-bright bulbs have a total of 36 mega-powerful 0.15-watt LED drivers, and are nearly TWICE as bright as the standard bulbs, at 405 lumens (white).

    Set of two bulbs.  Fits 2008-2014 WRX and STI.  Note!  Outside the U.S., some countries have separate running and turn signal lamps.  This bulb will not fit those lamp housings.

    12-month warranty on standard-brightness bulbs, 3 year warranty on Mega-Bright.

    Still have questions?  See our blinker bulb FAQ page.

    Sold as a PAIR of two bulbs.


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