GE GH GR GV post-facelift pre-facelift VASTI VAWRX

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Front Strut Spacers 2008-2021 WRX/STI

GE GH GR GV post-facelift pre-facelift VASTI VAWRX

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  • These simple chassis spacers allow you to raise the height of the front of your car the exact amount you desire.

    The spacers are made from durable HDPE (Delrin), which will never corrode. Each spacer is precision CNC machined for a perfect fit. The spacers stack between the factory strut top and the car body, so there's no noise or clunking. The 1/4" spacers work fine with the factory studs; the 3/8" ones usually don't need longer hardware, but might if you have a front strut bar. Spacers thicker than that require longer bolts, which are included.

    Tech tip: For spacers with bolts, tap the stock studs out of the top hats with a hammer. Insert the bolts facing up and tighten the included nuts snug on to the top of the strut top hat. (You need the nuts tight enough so that the bolts won't spin when you are tightening the top nuts once the struts are back in the cars.) Slide the spacer down over the nuts.

    Do not overtighten fasteners! Proper torque on the top nuts is 14 ft-lbs. 

    Choose from five thicknesses. Sold as a set of two spacers. Note that material color may vary.

    Fits all 2008-2021 Subaru WRX and WRX STI.


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