Tuner-Style Lug Nut Package

  • These are basic steel spline-style lug nuts. They're nothing fancy, but they're a decent fastener at a very good price. Set of 20 lug nuts plus a tough steel adapter tool. Available in black, chrome, or anodized blue.

    NOTE: The black finish sometimes feels a little sticky when you first thread the fastener on. We find if you work the fastener back and forth a little bit on the threads it will thread smoother, and they work normally.

    NOTE 2: The blue finish is not super-durable, so no there's no warranty on it. You've been warned. But hey, blue lug nuts at under $50 for the set.

    12x1.25 thread pitch. Fits all late-model Subaru cars.


  • SKU#: 07376BK, 03878, 07376BL

    Shipping Weight: 5.0 lb

    Supplier: Gorilla

    Category: Wheel Accessories