GrimmSpeed Double-Thick Manifold-to-Up Pipe Gasket

  • FINALLY you have an option for an extra thick Exhaust Manifold-to-Up Pipe Gasket. The most troublesome mating joint in the Subaru exhaust track is the manifold to up pipe connection. GrimmSpeed came up with a gasket that is more than twice as thick as the OEM gasket. With a whopping twelve layers, it is 2.5mm thick...a monster compared to the 1.2mm thick OEM gasket! 

    Whether it is OEM Manifold > OEM Up Pipe, OEM Manifold > Aftermarket Up Pipe, Aftermarket Header > Aftermarket Up Pipe....they all have leaking issues at this connection. The GrimmSpeed 2x-thick gasket solves this problem. This is a premium multi-layer, extra-thick steel gasket with stainless steel fire-ring.

    Fits all 2002-2014 Subaru WRX and STI, and all 2015+ STI. Also fits 2005-2009 Legacy GT and Outback XT, and 2003-2013 Forester XT.

  • SKU#: 11023

    Shipping Weight: 1.0 lb

    Supplier: Subaru

    Category: Exhaust Gaskets, Grimmspeed