H&R Wheel Spacer Kit 5x100

  • These wheel spacer kits from H&R include everything you need to push your wheels our farther from the hub, safely and with the security that it's being done the right way. The 15mm and 25mm spacers are hubcentric to the car as well as the wheel, so there's no slop or play.  Spacing the wheels out farther can allow the fitment of larger brakes. Plus, the wider stance gives a lower roll center and increased lateral stability.  H&R wheel spacers are made in Germany, and are TUV approved. The lightweight magnesium/aluminum alloy makes them as much as 70% lighter than an equivalent steel part.

    CNC machined to super-precise tolerances. Perfectly flat and smooth. Set of TWO spacers.  Set Includes longer wheel studs; 25mm kit includes studs in the spacer, and additional lug nuts. All kits are 5x100 only.

    Note: Wheel spacers that have been installed on a car -- even once -- MAY NOT BE RETURNED.

  • SKU#: 06565A, 06566A, 06567A

    Shipping Weight: 6.0 lb

    Supplier: H&R

    Category: Wheel Accessories