5MT EJ25 GD GG hawkeye

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Hawk Ceramic Brake Pads 2006-2007 WRX

5MT EJ25 GD GG hawkeye

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  • Hawk Ceramic Performance brake pads were designed with everyday driving in mind, with an ultra-low-dust, low-noise compound. Performance Ceramic delivers quiet, clean, and fast stopping. Their stable friction properties allow your ABS system to work at its most efficient, too.

    Picture is representative; your actual pads may vary in appearance.

    Please follow Hawk's recommended bedding-in procedure.

    Sold as a set for two calipers, left and right. Choose front or rear pad set.

    Fits all 2006-2007 WRX; these are also replacement pads for our Subaru/FHI 4 pot/2 pot brake kits.


  • SKU#: 06447, 06448

    Shipping Weight: 8.0 lb

    Supplier: Hawk

    Category: Brake Pads, Hawk Performance