6MT EJ25 pre-facelift VASTI

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Hawk DTC-70 Brake Pads 2015-2017 STI

6MT EJ25 pre-facelift VASTI

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  • Hawk's DTC-70 compound offers extremely high torque with aggressive controllable initial bite, and superior release and torque control characteristics. These brake pads designed for cars with high deceleration rates with or without down force.  These are FULL RACE pads.  They are loud, dusty, hard on rotors, and do not work well when cold.  Plan to use them at the track ONLY.

    We use these on our Mach V track car!

    Temp Range: 400-1,600 degrees Fahrenheit
    Torque: Extremely High
    Recommended Use: A higher torque version of the DTC-60, this compound is designed for vehicles with high top speeds that require repeated high deceleration rates. Can be used on the front or rear axle or combined with the DTC-60 if split friction between the front and rear axles is desired. Road race and asphalt circle track cars.

    Choose from front or rear pad set. Please follow Hawk's recommended bedding-in procedure.

    Picture is representative; your actual pads may look different.

    Fits all 2015-2017 Subaru WRX STI.


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