Killer B WRC-Style Round Shift Knob 6MT

  • This is NOT a copolymer shift knob. Made from the superior material Delrin. There's a wonderful feel to this material; it's never too hot or too cold. The Killer B Delrin shift knob is strong enough to not require a brass insert to be used, which coincidentally the knob is stronger without an insert, and it holds a thread very well too.

    Note that this WRC-style ball knob does NOT have a recess for the reverse lockout. It sits up high enough that it does not interfere with the reverse actuation, but it does not cover it. If you desire a knob with a collar that extends down for the reverse lockout, we have another Killer B shift knob like that.

    Fits all six-speed manual Subaru models.

  • SKU#: 11156BL, 11156WH

    Shipping Weight: 3.0 lb

    Supplier: Killer B

    Category: Shift Knobs