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KYB AGX Adjustable Struts 2002-2007 WRX

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  • KYB is one of Japan's premier shock builders. Their AGX product provides adjustable dampening without having to move to a coil-over suspension. The AGX struts are generally a little more firmly-damped than stock struts, so they work great with moderate lowering springs.

    Adjustment is with a knob on the top of the shock, both front and rear. Adjusting the rears will require removing the rear seats to access the adjustment knob.

    Adjustment is four-way front and rear, and adjusts both rebound and compression simultaneously. Softest setting is slightly firmer than stock; hardest is very stiff.

    Fits all 2002-2007 WRX (not STI). (You'll want to use strut spacers on 2004-07 cars.) Available as a complete set of four, or individually. Note: Older AGX rear shocks had an adjuster knob on the lower side. Newer ones have a top adjustment, like the front. It's still the same internals.

  • SKU#: K02017, 02019, 02017, 02020, 02018

    Shipping Weight: 51.0 lb

    Supplier: KYB

    Category: Shocks/Struts