LED Puddle Lamps BRZ/FR-S

  • LEDs light up instantly and have a cooler color temperature than regular bulbs -- closer to the color of sunlight than standard bulbs, so the light is easier for the human eye to see. Available in blue, red, or super white, but keep in mind that the blue and red are not as bright, so they're mostly for decoration, not so much for illumination.

    Install note: Unlike regular bulbs, LED bulbs have electrical polarity, so if they don't light up the first time, take them out and install them the other way. Also, make sure the wire leads are in contact with the bulb socket. Install note 2: Use a thin flat-headed screwdriver or plastic panel tool to pry the puddle lamp lens/bulb holder free of the door. The lamp lens has a tab at one end. It's easiest to remove if you pry the front/lower side, where the finger is pointing in the picture above. If you pry at the back/upper side, it'll be very hard to remove.

    Set of two bulbs. Fits all BRZ & FR-S.

  • SKU#: K05697SU, K05697BL, K05697RE

    Shipping Weight: 0.2 lb

    Supplier: Mach V Motorsports

    Category: Interior Lighting