Luxer1 LED Replacement Light Panel - Nine-LED Type B



  • These super-high-quality LED panels are from Japanese manufacturer Luxer1.  They feature top-quality Nichia LED units, and they come with interchangeable bulb socket adapters so you can fit them in almost any automotive light fixture.

    This kit features a nine-LED panel with dimensions 32mm long x 20mm wide x 6.5mm thick.  The Type B kit includes three adapters: A 37mm festoon bulb adapter, a 42mm festoon bulb adapter, and a 41mm fuse-type festoon bulb adapter.  Just plug the appropriate adapter into the LED panel, then put the adapter in the car's bulb socket.  It's as easy as replacing a bulb.

    The adapters in this kit do NOT fit most Subaru light fixtures, but do fit lots of other cars.  (Nissans, Chryslers, and more...)  Or, you could just use clip off the adapter plug and hard-wire it to any car.  Note that we also do carry the Type A version of this kit, which has different bulb adapters.  It is not available in white, though.

    We bought a huge quantity of these, so we can mark them down for HUGE savings compared to their retail price.


  • SKU#: 08078BL, 08078RE, 08078WH

    Shipping Weight: 1.0 lb

    Supplier: Luxer1

    Category: Interior Lighting