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Mach V 10mm Spacer Kit With Wheel Studs

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Wheel Stud Type
  • Mach V wheel spacers are made here in the U.S.A. from super-strong T6061 aluminum. We made them extra-snug to prevent any slop or wobbling, with the Subaru 56.1mm bore on both the car and wheel side, and they are DUAL DRILLED so they'll fit both 5x100 and 5x114 Subaru models!

    Of course, moving the wheels outward too far can result in tire-to-fender clearance problems. Use these kits at your own risk; we will not accept returns based on fitment, nor can we accept returns on wheel spacers that have been installed on a car.

    Each kit comes with two spacers and ten extended wheel studs -- enough for one end of the car. (If you want spacers for the whole car, order two kits.)

    Choose from H&R studs, 10 about mm longer than stock, or genuine ARP extended studs, with a bull-nose design for speedy wheel swaps, about 35 mm longer than stock; or  Note that if you choose the longer ARP studs, you will probably need some open-ended lug nuts, like these Muteki items.

    If you already have extended studs, you can buy the spacers a la carte over HERE.

    Installation tip: Use a 12mm x 1.25 standard nut (not a lug nut) along with a couple of large flat washers braced against the brake rotor to pull the stud into the back side of the hub.

    NOTE: The Mach V 10mm spacer kit is very tight in terms of clearance from the inside of the car hub to the inside of the spacer -- this is necessary because of the geometry of making a 10mm spacer. You MUST test-fit the spacer on the car to make sure there is clearance. Rotor hats do vary in thickness; if you have an extra-thin rotor hat, the hub may poke out higher than the depth of the wheel spacer. In that case, you will need to remove some material from the hub in order for the spacer to sit down flat on the rotor hat. We will not accept returns if the spacer is damaged by a protruding hub.

    Fits all five-lug Subaru cars.

  • SKU#: K06798HR, K06798ARP

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    Supplier: Mach V Motorsports

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