5x100 5x114 5x114x

, bolt

Mach V 3mm Wheel Spacers

5x100 5x114 5x114x

, bolt

  • We got tired of junky wheel spacers, so we made our own. We built in all the features we missed on other wheel spacers. They are CNC milled, not cast. Of course they are hubcentric for all Subaru cars, and they are drilled for both 5x100 and 5x114 bolt patterns. We built them from 6061 aluminum for strength and corrosion-resistance. We chamfered all the edges, so they are smooth to touch and easy to install and remove. The spacers are black-anodized them so they look great and blend in nicely when installed on the car. Finally, we had the description, part number, and thickness laser-etched on the spacer, so a spacer does ever end up loose in your tool box, you'll know at a glance what it is. These 3mm wheel spacers can be used with stock studs.

    Install notes: The labeled side faces OUT from the car.

    Measure carefully to ensure there is enough thread engagement left on the stud after installing your wheel spacers. We have not had any trouble on stock WRX and STI cars with stock wheels, but cars can have different thickness brake rotors, and aftermarket wheels can also be different thicknesses. Be sure you have enough thread length for proper lug nut engagement -- minimum thread engagement should be 12mm, and more is better.

    Set of two wheel spacers. 3mm thick.

    Note: Wheel spacers that have been installed on a car -- even once -- MAY NOT BE RETURNED.  Thank you.

    Fits all Subaru models.

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