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Mach V 5x100-to-5x114 Bolt Pattern Adapters

5x100 5x114x


  • These bolt pattern adapters allow you to run 5x114 wheels on 5x100 Subaru cars. Made from super-tough billet 6061 aluminum, anodized black for good looks and long life. Steel studs and lug nuts ensure secure wheel retention. The spacers are hubcentric for both the car side and the wheel side. Choose from 15mm, 20mm, or 25mm thickness.

    Note that on 15mm and 20mm spacers, and stud and/or lug nut WILL protrude slightly from the surface of the spacer. The wheel you are installing MUST have pockets in the back side to clear the stud and lug nut. Most (but not all) aftermarket wheels will fit, but some OEM Subaru STI wheels will NOT clear without enlarging the pockets on the back side of the wheel.

    Torque lug nuts to 75-80 ft-lbs. Inspect and re-torque if necessary after 100 miles.

    Wheel adapters that have been installed on a car -- even once -- may not be returned.

    Sold as a set of four bolt pattern adapters, plus lug nuts.



  • SKU#: K10541, K10543, K10545, K11117

    Shipping Weight: 9.0 lb

    Supplier: Mach V Motorsports

    Category: Wheel Accessories