Mach V Billet Aluminum Rear Differential Cover BRZ / FR-S

  • The stock rear differential on the BRZ / FR-S twins can get quite hot with sustained hard use, like at a road race or drift event at the race track. The Mach V billet aluminum rear diff cover is built to help with keeping your rear diff cool. Design features:
    • Cooling fins hang down into under-car airflow to dissipate heat
    • Larger capacity holds more cooling diff fluid. Our cover holds almost 50% more fluid than the stock one.
    • Pre-tapped holes allow for the installation of an external diff cooler.
    • Another pre-tapped hole can be used to install a rear diff temp sensor

    The Mach V diff cover is milled from a solid block of billet aluminum, then anodized clear for a durable and beautiful finish. Installation is straightforward. You will re-use your existing vent and internal baffle plate from your old diff cover. You can also re-use your existing fasteners. Plugs are included for the diff cooler and temp probe holes. Note that the new diff cover DOES hang down a little farther than the stock one. We've never hit the ground with our car, despite some pretty serious bumpy-road driving, but be aware of the reduced clearance. We will not be responsible if you manage to hook the fins on something in the road and tear your diff cover off. We assume that most cars that will be wearing this part will be used at a track, where ground clearance should not be a problem.

    Fits all 2013+ BRZ and FR-S models.

  • SKU#: 08292

    Shipping Weight: 15.0 lb

    Supplier: Mach V Motorsports

    Category: Other Drivetrain