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Mach V Bolt-On Wheel Spacers 5x100


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  • These spacers cost a little more than the standard wafer type, but the difference is that they come with their own captive studs, so you don't have to take apart your hubs or press in new longer studs. Plus, if you ever want to take the spacers off, your original short studs are right where they always were. Since these are our own Mach V brand, we added some special features that we couldn't find on the market.

    Our spacers are CNC-machined from super-strong 7075-T6 aluminum. The outside of each spacer is knurled for easy handling. Each spacer has reliefs cut into the hub side so you can easily pry the spacer loose if you need to. Air channels cut into the backside ensure they seat down flat every time, and machined reliefs also reduce weight.

    The hardware is high-grade steel, and both studs and lug nuts are black-coated for maximum corrosion resistance. Each spacer is laser-marked with the bolt pattern and thickness, so if they ever do end up in your tool drawer, you'll know at a glance what they are.

    The spacers are hubcentric to both your Subaru car and the wheel, too. Available in 15mm, 20mm, or 25mm thickness, you can buy them as a pair or a set of four. (15mm front and 20mm rear is a popular choice for making OEM wheels flush on the 2008-2014 cars, but the desired spacing can vary based on wheel size and offset, tire size, and other variables. Get out your ruler and measure twice!

    Each set includes special low-profile lug nuts. Note that the 15mm spacers, and sometimes the 20mm ones, are thin enough that the stock studs will poke through -- you will need wheels that have cavities in the back to allow for the stud length, or trim the extra length off the studs. 

    These are 5x100 wheel spacers. If you need 5x114, we have those HERE.

    Note: Installing wheel spacers increases the possibility of tire-to-fender clearance issues. Install and use these products at your own risk! Wheel spacers that have been installed on a car -- even once -- MAY NOT BE RETURNED.  Thank you.

  • SKU#: 11840A15, 11840A20, 11840A25, K11840A15, K11840A1520, K11840A20, K11840A2025, K11840A25

    Shipping Weight: 10.0 lb

    Supplier: Mach V Motorsports

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