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Mach V Future Stars Tee

shirts t-shirt t-shirts tee tee shirt

  • We don't know exactly what the future of Subaru performance looks like, but if you ask us it's going have a big flared fenders, a prominent hood scoop and some big wings. We tasked concept artist Donald Yatomi with bringing our ideas to life, and he painted this amazing image, complete with our high-performance boxer-powered supercar of the future blasting through an urban landscape, six stars reflected in the wet pavement.

    The full-size design is on the back of the shirt. A Mach V logo adorns the front chest.

    Your choice of black or blue shirt color. 100% cotton heavy-duty pre-shrunk shirt in your choice of sizes up to 2XL. Super-high-quality Plastisol ink ensures the vibrant design will last for years.

  • SKU#: 11914JES, 11914JEM, 11914JEL, 11914JEXL, 11914JE2X, 11914NAS, 11914NAM, 11914NAL, 11914NAXL, 11914NA2XL

    Shipping Weight: 1.0 lb

    Supplier: Mach V Motorsports

    Category: Clothing