Prosport Lava Turbo Blanket

  • Insulating the turbine housing of the turbocharger keeps the compressor side cooler and reduces underhood and intake temperatures. Plus, it increases turbo response by keeping exhaust heat in the turbine housing, maintaining exhaust gas velocity and increasing temperature differential across the turbine wheel. The Prosport lava turbo blanket is custom-shaped to fit the turbine section of most stock Subaru turbochargers, including all VF-series turbos and the TD04 turbo from the 2002-2005 WRX.

    Constructed of pulverized volcanic lava rock, the continuous basalt fibers are durable and do an excellent job of containing the massive heat of the turbine housing.

    Installation is simple; just wrap the blanket around the turbo's turbine housing and secure it with the included retention springs.

    Includes turbo blanket and two stainless steel retention springs. (Turbo sold separately.)

    Fits all late-model stock-turbo Subarus, and other similar-sized turbos. May not fit larger aftermarket upgrade turbos.

    • SKU#: 09974

      Shipping Weight: 2.0 lb

      Manufacturer: Mach V Motorsports

      Category: Exhaust Accessories