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Mach V Motorsports Quick-Release Bumper Kit 2011-2014 WRX/2008-2014 STI

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  • As with many other products we make, this one is the result of us looking around and not finding quite what we were looking for. If you frequently remove and replace the bumper on your GR/GV Subaru, you know what a pain it can be, and in particular you'll probably have issues where the interface between the bumper skin and the plastic bumper supports ("sliders") start to get weak and the bumper looks like it’s going to fall off the car.

    There are other products that try to remedy this situation, but most of them have shortcomings. Those rubber-band dealies are cheap and work okay, but the rubber bands crack and wear out, plus the appearance isn't great. There are some other products that use sheet metal brackets with quick-release fasteners, but they are not that strong structurally and their design still can result in some bumper sag.

    Our Mach V Motorsports quick release bumper supports are designed to address all these shortcomings, and to be the best available way to be able to quickly and easily get your bumper on and off, while looking good and tightly retaining your bumper.

    Our heavy-gauge design allows fast installation and removal of your bumper, and is engineered to be super-strong and to have maximum leverage for the best and tightest possible retention of the bumper. 

    The Mach V quick release assemblies are constructed from a big chunk of billet aluminum, so there will be virtually no flex of the support structure. Additional support is provided by supports made of heavy-gauge stainless steel plate. Thick stainless steel hardware holds the assemblies together, and additional stainless steel hardware attaches them to the car. The Mach V logo is engraved into each unit, and an extra Mach V logo is laser-etched on to the edge that you see when you take off your bumper. For convenience, each unit also is labeled left and right.

    To try to get the tightest fit of the bumper skin up against the fenders, our Mach V quick release bumper supports have a slot designed into them to allow the stock bumper flange to nest down into the bumper support. It makes for a great fit!

    Once installed on the car, the only visible part of the whole arrangement are the two push-button quick-release fasteners. 

    In order to combat the dreaded bumper sag, we separated the two quick release fasteners to allow ample leverage for the bumper to hold on to the support brackets, and to minimize the tendency for the bumper to gap away from the fender.

    Installation is easy and requires only a few tools. We do recommend having two people to help with removal and re-installation of the bumper skin. Having the car in the air on a lift or at least jack stands will also make the job easier. Unlike the competition, we have a complete installation guide.

    Set of two quick-release assemblies, each of which has two quick-release units. All required installation hardware is included. The main bumper support assembly is finished in black, and the quick release push buttons are also black.

    Made in the USA!

    Fits all 2011-2014 Subaru WRX and 2008-2014 WRX STI.

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