6MT brembos CVT pre-facelift six-piston six-pot VB VBWRX

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Mach V/Subaru STI 6-Piston/2-Piston Brembo Brake Kit 2022+ WRX

6MT brembos CVT pre-facelift six-piston six-pot VB VBWRX

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  • Upgrade to the ultimate factory-offered front brake setup from Subaru! This kit includes everything you need to bolt Subaru STI 6-piston/2-piston Brembo brakes from the 2018-2021 WRX STI to your 2022+ WRX.

    As you might know, the 2022+ WRX is based on Subaru Global Platform architecture, with revised front suspension compared to older cars. For the first time, you cannot just bolt the older STI Brembo brakes on this new model. The caliper mounting location has moved outward relative to the old model, requiring the brake rotor disc to change locations as well.

    Some other tuners solved this issue by inserting a spacer behind the rotor, but we didn't like that approach for several reasons. One is that it would require replacing the front wheel studs with extended-length versions, which adds cost and install difficulty. Another is that putting a spacer behind the brake rotor can lead to vibration problems due to both loss of hubcentricty on the rotor and/or the wheel, and to any imperfection in the flatness of the spacer.

    The proper solution for us was to design a custom front brake rotor, using a two-piece design with an aluminum hat for light weight. With our custom rotor, you can just bolt the whole kit on like it came from the factory.

    Our kit is a complete brake upgrade solution. You get genuine, brand-new (not rebuilt) Subaru Brembo 6-pot front/2-pot rear calipers in your choice of colors -- fluorescent yellow-green or silver -- with black STi logo, custom-built Mach V slotted, lightweight two-piece front rotors, KNS/DBA rear rotors, OEM Subaru brake pads, and all necessary pins, clips, and hardware. Rotor diameter will be 13.4" front, 12.8" rear.

    You can re-use your existing brake lines, or you can add a set of Mach V braided stainless brake lines, available separately. Installation note: Use caution when installing and positioning the brake lines! You MUST ensure that the brake lines do not touch any moving parts of the car. Pay extra close attention to make sure the lines are not touching the wheels, especially if using 18" diameter wheels.

    You will need to trim the outer lip of the rear brake rotor dust shield, and you will have to trim a small bit of the front dust shield to make room for the larger caliper.

    Note that you MUST have wheels that will clear these calipers! The calipers are huge, and they are located even farther from the car/closer to the wheel than on the STI model. Wheels that we know will clear include:

    You CAN use the 18" OEM 2022+ WRX wheels, but you must add a 20mm wheel spacer. OEM wheels will NOT fit without a 20mm spacer. Call us for more information on wheel clearance.

    The front rotors for this kit are special two-piece rotors with a cast iron rotor ring and a black-anodized aluminum hat. Once you buy the rotors you will replace only the rotor rings when they wear out; you should not have to replace the center hat.

    Caliper note: These calipers are very large and somewhat heavy. Although Subaru packages them in protective paper and bubble wrap, they do get dinged and scuffed up a little in shipping, just from their own weight rubbing against the packaging. Small cosmetic flaws in the finish (as shown in the photo with the finger) are normal and we will NOT accept returns based on cosmetic issues with the caliper finish. The calipers are scarce and hard to source, so we do not get to pick and choose which ones we get.

    Select from a full car set, or a front-only or rear-only kit if you want to do it in stages.

    Fits all 2022+ Subaru WRX, EXCEPT the rear kit cannot be fit to CVT cars with electronic parking brake.

  • SKU#: K13745YE, K13743FR, K10742RE, K13745SI, K13744FR, K10742RESI

    Shipping Weight: 100.0 lb

    Supplier: Subaru

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