5x100 5x114 5x114x lugnut lugnuts


Muteki Super Tuner Closed-End Lug Nut Set

5x100 5x114 5x114x lugnut lugnuts


  • Muteki lug nuts are brilliantly colored and expertly forged to improve the look of your vehicle. The high quality steel and long lasting anodized finish will let everyone know you have style. The closed-end keeps the stud threads clean.

    Note: These fasteners are sold in sealed welded-plastic packs. We will NOT accept returns on open packages of lug nuts! You open it, you keep it.

    Available in your choice of colors.  Note that some anodized colors -- especially reds and pinks -- will fade with exposure to sunlight. This is unavoidable. Also, color finishes are delicate and may chip from road debris or even from the installation tool. We will NOT accept warranty claims based on chipping or fading finish. (If you want the toughest, longest-lasting finish, order the chrome or black.)

    Set of 20 fasteners plus installation tool.

    12mm x 1.25 thread pitch fits all Subarus.  Scion FR-S, too.


  • SKU#: 07040JE, 07040RO, 07040RE, 07040CH

    Shipping Weight: 3.0 lb

    Supplier: Muteki

    Category: Wheel Accessories