Prosport Header and Up-pipe 2002-2014 WRX/2008+ STI

  • This high-quality WRX header/up pipe combination is fully TIG-welded, with all-stainless steel tubing, cast stainless steel flanges, and a precision-cast collector.

    Choose from an unequal-length design, or equal-length.  The unequal-length design means you'll still have that trademark Subaru boxer rumble. The equal length gains you even more power, but the boxer sound will be gone.  Note that the equal-length header will NOT fit with the stock EJ20 (2.0 liter) oil pan. You'll need an EJ25 (2.5 liter) oil pan. The unequal-length header fits either oil pan.

    The equal length header will not fit 06-07 WRX, and will not fit Forester XT, because of a slightly different oil cooler design.

    The three-bolt flange connecting this WRX header to the included up pipe is designed to reduce the chance of leaks. Includes header, up pipe, and a gasket to connect the up pipe and header. Looking for heat shielding? Try our exhaust wrap kit.

    This Subaru exhaust header includes up pipe-to turbo studs, and one up pipe-to-header nut and bolt. (You'll re-use the other two bolts from your factory manifold.)

    The WRX Up-Pipe fits all 2002-2014 WRX and 2008+ STI.  Also fits EJ-motor turbo Legacy/Outback and Forester models.

  • SKU#: 05468, 07400

    Shipping Weight: 30.0 lb

    Manufacturer: Prosport

    Category: Exhaust Headers