Prosport Header and Exhaust Wrap



  • Exhaust wrap helps to reduce underhood temperatures, resulting in cooler air intake for improved performance. Less heat in the engine bay means less chance of heat soak conditions on vital underhood components. 


    • Reduces under hood temperatures
    • Increases horsepower
    • Protects other engine components
    • Protects against burns
    • Durable

    Choose from standard Fiberglass wrap in white or black, or advanced Titanium wrap.

    Durable, tight woven, 100% Fiberglass wrap is easy to install. One roll will wrap one medium header. We hand-picked this material for its heat characteristics and the flexibility of this material makes wrapping headers (or any other part) easy.

    For even MORE heat protection, choose Titanium header wrap. It features a tightly-woven carbon fiber look. The titanium wrap is very pliable and easy to install -- no need to wet it before wrapping headers or pipes. One roll will wrap one medium header. Typical fiberglass wrap is rated at handling 1,200 degrees F of maximum direct heat, while the titanium wrap is capable of handling direct continuous heat up to 1,800 degrees F.

    Titanium wrap will not shrink, and is more resistant to temperature, abrasions, chemical and hot oil spills than fiberglass wrap.

    Each exhaust wrap roll includes five stainless steel locking zip ties.

    Note that ANY material can fade and/or degrade when subjected to constant high-heat conditions. We will NOT warranty wrap because of color fading.

    Either type comes in a 2" wide 50-foot roll, and five stainless steel zip ties are included.

  • SKU#: 02447WH, 02447BL, 07590

    Shipping Weight: 3.0 lb

    Supplier: Prosport

    Category: Exhaust Accessories