5x100 GE GH GR GV RCE ss1

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Racecomp Engineering Superstreet-1 Coilovers 2008-2014 WRX

5x100 GE GH GR GV RCE ss1

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  • You asked for an affordable, streetable, and trackable coilover and Racecomp Engineering delivered. Introducing the RCE Superstreet-1 coilover with 1-way adjustable damping, front camber plates, and now lowering rear solid mounts for 2008-2014 Subaru WRX.

    Backed by the best combination of enthusiasts and shock engineers in the market, the RCE SS1 coilover is the result of over 15 years of experience developing innovative suspension solutions for the Subaru enthusiast. The RCE Superstreet-1 is a part of Racecomp's new "SIGNATURE SERIES" line of coilovers. Racecomp Engineering worked closely with KW Suspension to create a high quality and affordable coilover with adjustable damping and camber plates included. Enthusiasts wanted an option a step above the competition without spending a fortune, and RCE listened.

    Featuring single adjustable dampers, a wide range of height adjustment, adjustable front LOWERING camber plates, new rear LOWERING solid mounts, and a unique color scheme, these coilovers are at home on the road and track. Specialized damper valving is designed to provide both excellent ride quality and control in corners. Damper adjustments allow the user to dial in their ride, with a usable range.


    • 20 clicks of adjustable rebound damping

    • Lowering front camber plates
    • Lowering range 10-30mm lower than stock
    • Sealed camber plate bearing
    • Zinc-coated body
    • Spring rates 400F/400R lbs/in 
    • More compression travel than stock

      The front camber plates AND rear solid lowering mounts are INCLUDED. 

      Set of four coilovers. Includes spanner wrench and allen key for adjustments.

      Fits all 2008-2014 Subaru WRX.

    • SKU#: 11643WRX

      Shipping Weight: 60.0 lb

      Supplier: Racecomp Engineering

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