5x114 5x114x GR GV RCE VASTI VAWRX

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Racecomp Engineering Tarmac Zero Coilovers 2015-2021 WRX/2008-2021 STI

5x114 5x114x GR GV RCE VASTI VAWRX

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  • Designed from the ground up to provide an affordable, easily-serviceable and long-lasting threaded body coilover suspension system for the 2008-2021 STI and 2015+ WRX. Utilizing a pre-set KW damper, these coilovers provide exceptional control over damping characteristics for a variety of conditions.

    These coilovers feature the same inox-coated stainless steel corrosion-resistant construction as previous versions of KW suspensions. 


    • High-quality KW damper
    • 400 lbs/in linear spring front, 400 lbs/in linear spring rear
    • Lowering range of 30mm (stock down to 30mm lower than stock)
    • Composite spring perches will never rust

    Racecomp Tarmac Zero coilovers can be used with stock top mounts or optional camber plates. Top mounts are NOT included.

    Set of four coilovers. Includes spanner wrench and allen key for adjustments.

    Fits all 2015-2021 Subaru WRX and 2008-2021 WRX STI.

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