6MT CVT filler ZC ZN

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Radium Engineering Brace Master Cylinder Brace FR-S/BRZ

6MT CVT filler ZC ZN

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  • The Radium Engineering brake master cylinder brace installs on the LH strut tower and provides needed support and immediate response for hard braking. The billet aluminum design is lightweight yet very stiff. The strategically selected adjustment screw prevents damage to the master cylinder housing with the use of a large diameter aluminum head. The included stainless steel "easy-on" locknut prohibits any potential slippage of the set preload.

    HOW IT WORKS: When the brake pedal is depressed, not all the mechanical energy is transferred into hydraulic brake line pressure. Unfortuntately some of the energy is wasted flexing the thin firewall. With the Radium Engineering master cylinder brace, firewall flexing is eliminated allowing all of the brake pedal input force to be applied to stopping the vehcile. This leads to a firmer pedal feel and an overall more responsive brake system.

    -CNC machined from solid 6061 aluminum
    -Black anodized and laser engraved with Radium logo
    -Aluminum preload adjustment bolt (will not harm the aluminum MC)
    -Stainless steel "easy-on" lock nut
    -Stainless steel replacement M6 bolts

    Installation uses factory mounting holes and takes just minutes. This brace does not require any cutting, drilling, or modifications to the vehicle.

    Fits all left hand drive FR-S, BRZ, and 86 variations, manual and automatic transmission models.

  • SKU#: 08676JE, 08676GR

    Shipping Weight: 3.0 lb

    Supplier: Radium Engineering

    Category: Brake Miscellaneous