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Rear Brembo Adapter Kit DBA Street Series Rotors 2002-2005 WRX

5MT 6MT BL blobeye BP bugeye EJ20 EJ25 GD GG SF

b_code, e_family, trans

  • This kit allows you to bolt STi Brembo rear calipers to your 2002-2005 Subaru WRX. You get two custom-made caliper brackets, hardware, and special DBA rear rotors that have the OUTSIDE diameter (316mm) of the STi Brembo rotors, but the INSIDE diameter of the WRX parking brake. (Note that you CANNOT use the original WRX STi rotor, because then your smaller-diameter WRX parking brake will not reach the rotor.)

    You supply the STi rear calipers and brake pads (or buy the pads from us). You'll have to bend or remove the rear dust shield to clear the new rotor.

    2006-2007 WRX models have a different rear backing plate, so they don't need the caliper mounting brackets to bolt the STi calipers on; they just need the rotors, available separately

    Note that these parts are for gold BREMBO calipers ONLY. If you are trying to fit Subaru two-piston rear calipers, you'll want these adapters.

    Some installation details: You'll have to chop/drill/snip off or bend your factory dust/splash shields; they're too small for the new much larger rotors. Also, if you have a Legacy, the rear spindle will have to be clearanced using a Dremel or other grinding tool to make room for the caliper bolts.

    Kit includes two DBA Street-series rear brake rotors, two caliper mounting brackets, and hardware. Fits all 2002-2005 WRX, 2005-2009 Legacy GT, and 2002-2008 Forester XT.

    We also offer another version of this kit that features KNS/DBA rotors at at lower price.

    Install instructions

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