5x114 5x114x rims

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Rota Flow-Form Grid R2 18 x 9.5 +40 5x114

5x114 5x114x rims

, bolt,

Hyper Black
Satin Black
Sports Bronze
  • New! It's the same classic Rota Grid you know and love, but in a stronger and lighter FLOW FORMED edition. Flow forming involves shaping the red-hot wheel into its final form using high pressure -- this gives many of the strength and weight benefits of forging, but at lower cost. The flow formed construction means this wheel weighs only 19.8 pounds -- 2.6 pounds lighter than the gravity cast version!

    Just like the cast version, this 18x9.5" Rota Grid wheel has clean lines and broad, strong spokes. In addition, there are flow-form-specific embossed decorations on the wheel lip, spelling out "Rota" and "360 FF". The 18x9.5 +40 fitment is great for late-model 2015+ WRX and STI, among other cars. 5x114 bolt pattern fits all 2005+ STI, and 2014+ Forester. This R2 version of the wheel has re-profiled spokes that clear BOTH four-piston 2005+ STi Brembo brakes, AND six-piston 2018+ STI Brembo brakes -- no wheel spacers required!

    Special Rota 360 FF-logo center caps are included. 19.8 pounds each. TPMS-compatible. 73mm hub bore; hubcentric rings are included. Center caps are also included.

    We do recommend aftermarket lug nuts, and replacement valve stems.

    Available in Hyper Black (a sort of smokey silver/black color), satin black, and Sports Bronze.

    Priced per wheel.

    Note: Because of the large size and the nature of the product, there are NO returns on wheel purchases. MAKE SURE your wheel SIZE, BOLT PATTERN, and OFFSET are correct before ordering!

  • SKU#: 13000HY, 13000SA, 13000SB

    Shipping Weight: 33.0 lb

    Supplier: Rota

    Category: Rota Grid, Wheels, Winter Wheels for 2018+ WRX STI