Subaru Extra-S 75W-90 High Performance Gear Lube

  • Extra-S gear oil is what Subaru uses on all its high-performance models.  According to Subaru, this fluid has the following benefits:

    • High film strength minimizes wear and protects gears
    • Extreme pressure additives provide additional protection for high load conditions
    • High Viscosity Index for use in a wide range of temperatures
    • Anti-rust and corrosion inhibiting additives enhance the ability to combat corrosion resulting from water and acids
    • Anti-foam package to minimize foaming and disperse foam in the oil
    • Superior oxidation resistance to ensure performance in severe operating conditions

    One quart bottle.

    Nomenclature note: Subaru used to sell a drivetrain fluid called "Extra S" that came only in five gallon pails. The five-gallon pails were discontinued and Subaru started offering this one-liter bottle instead. Subaru of America tells us this is the exact same fluid as the old Extra-S, which is why we advertise it with the Extra-S title.


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