post-facelift VASTI VAWRX

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Subaru Fog Lamp Install Kit 2018-2021 STI

post-facelift VASTI VAWRX

b_code, e_family

  • This kit provides everything you need to add factory or factory-style fog lamps to your pre-wired Subaru WRX STI. You get a set of factory fog lamp bezels, wiring harnesses, fog lamp switch and switch bezel, and hardware.

    Installation Instructions.

    Note: Fog Lamps are not included. Select MorimotoDiode Dynamics or supply your own lamps.

    Note 2: BASE MODEL 2018 cars (and some later and/or higher-trim cars) do not have any wiring harness for this kit to plug into. Regardless of what model you have, before you order this kit, pop off one of your fog lamp covers and confirm that your car has an existing factory wiring harness to plug into. If your car does NOT have existing wiring harnesses for these lamp harnesses to attach to, you're going to have a more complicated installation/wiring job ahead of you.

    Fits all 2018-2021 Subaru WRX STI (with the exceptions mentioned above). Does NOT fit WRX models.

  • SKU#: K08984C

    Shipping Weight: 4.0 lb

    Supplier: Subaru

    Category: Exterior Lighting