Subaru Four-Pot/Two-Pot Full Brake Downgrade 2008+ STI

  • So you want to go rally in your STI, but those pesky humongous Brembo brakes are preventing you from bolting up some sick rally rims? Never fear. DOWNgrade those Brembos to Subaru's trusty red four-pot front/two-pot brakes with this kit. The full kit includes RED (not black like some other vendors sell) four-piston calipers and matching rotors for the front, two-piston calipers and matching rotors for the rear, Centric Posi Quiet pads all around, and caliper mounting brackets for the rear.

    Note that you are going to SMALLER rotors both front (295mm compared to 326mm on the STI) and rear (290mm compared to 316mm). Many 15" rally wheels will fit over these brakes.

    Full kit includes front and rear calipers, rear caliper mounting brackets, front and rear DBA brake rotors, and front and rear Posi Quiet pads. Rotor appearance may differ slightly from the photos, but they will match front-to-rear. Replacement pads are 2006-2007 WRX.

    Install Instructions

    Fits all 2008+ WRX STI, includling 2015+.

  • SKU#: K04994VA

    Shipping Weight: 100.0 lb

    Supplier: Subaru

    Category: Brake Kits