10105ab820 FA20T headgasket SJ

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Subaru OEM Complete Engine Gasket Kit 2014-2018 Forester XT

10105ab820 FA20T headgasket SJ

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  • Gask-stravaganza! All the gaskets you need for your Subaru FA20 turbo engine. Includes intake and exhaust manifold gaskets, head gaskets, valve cover gaskets, and much, much more. And you can sleep soundly knowing you used the original equipment parts.

    Parts include:

    • Head gaskets
    • Valve cover gaskets
    • Head to exhaust manifold gaskets
    • Intake manifold to TGV gaskets
    • TGV to head gaskets
    • Throttle body coupler
    • Turbo oil drain pipe gasket
    • Spark plug well seals
    • EGR gaskets
    • Front crank seal
    • Rear main seal
    • Various o-rings
    • Various crush washers

    Not included:

    Note: Product photo is representative. Actual product appearance may vary slightly.

    Available for all 2014-2018 Subaru Forester XT (specify model year).

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