Tire Stickers

  • Get that race car look with Tire Stickers. These are high-quality permanent decals that adhere directly to the rubber of your tire, to look great and last. They are meant to last the life of the tire and are cleanable.

    We stock several popular tire brands and two different sizes. Most 17" tires (on a WRX or STI) will use a 1.25" letter size. Most 18" or 19" tires will use a 1" letter size. If you're not sure, grab a ruler and head out to your car to take a look.

    Each tire letter kit order includes the Tire Stickers product, application and removal instructions, a bottle of rubber cleaner, rubber gloves, and a bottle of unique application adhesive. For more details on installation, check out this video.

    Set of eight logos. Select lettering and size.

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