Top Feed Conversion Kit No TGV Housings 2004-2006 STI

  • Side feed fuel injectors are annoying! There are limited replacement sizes, and they are expensive. We also think that when you get to very large injector sizes, top feed injectors are better behaved in low load conditions, like at idle.

    This kit includes everything you need to convert your side-feed car to a top-feed layout except injectors and TGV housings. You get new OEM Subaru fuel rails, hardware, fuel pressure regulator, vacuum line, and fuel hose. Just supply whatever top feed fuel injectors you desire, plus an appropriate set of TGV housings or TGV deletes.

    Installation notes: You'll connect the fuel pressure regulator to the manifold at its new location with the vacuum line provided. The included fuel hose connects the fuel pressure regulator to the passenger side fuel rail. Note that TGV delete housings will trigger Check Engine lights unless/until you have them deleted using custom ECU tuning.

    Fits all 2004-2006 WRX STi.

  • SKU#: K09918B

    Shipping Weight: 8.0 lb

    Supplier: Subaru

    Category: Fuel injectors, Fuel System