prova convex prova lens prova mirrors SG


Top Shelf and Rare Parts Convex Mirrors 2006-2008 Forester

prova convex prova lens prova mirrors SG


  • Top Shelf and Rare Parts is a Japanese manufacturer of aftermarket mirror glass. These mirror elements are tinted for glare reduction, and are convex for a wider field of view. Top Shelf and Rare Parts uses only the highest-grade automotive mirror glass for  unparalleled clarity and a flaw-free rear view.

    These made-in-Japan mirrors give you two benefits: First, the tint color lessens glare both during the day and at night. Headlights in the rear view will be less annoying, and the impact of bright sunlight and/or snow reflections will be lessened. Second, the convex mirror shape widens the field of view to reduce blind spots and give a better situational awareness without having to move your head.

    You get a choice of two tint colors. Yellow tint warms the rear view, and is excellent for winter climates where the intense blue of winter light can cause fatigue and a lack of contrast. Blue tint cools the view, and is great for hot/bright conditions like the southern US, or anywhere that gets high sun exposure.

    The Top Shelf and Rare Parts logo is laser-etched onto each mirror for authenticity.

    Set of two mirrors, left and right. Installation is straightforward; see the instructions HERE. Install note: These are NOT compatible with factory heated mirror elements; you can install the lenses on the car, but you cannot attach the heating element. Do NOT adhere a heating element to the back of these, or they will discolor.

    Choose from yellow or blue glass color. Since both right and left outside mirrors are convex shape, these are suitable for both LHD and RHD cars. 

    Fits all 2006-2008 Subaru Forester. Sorry, these do NOT fit 2003-2005 Forester, which have a different mirror shape.

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