TurboXS Up Pipe

  • This is a great up pipe at a great price. The 45mm diameter of the TurboXS up pipe is exactly the same as the turbine inlet on the turbocharger, so exhaust gas velocity is maximized and turbulence is minimized. The high-strength flex section promotes even sealing at both ends of the up pipe, reducing the possiblity of exhaust leaks. Thick flanges ward off warping issues, and the stainless steel construction makes corrosion almost impossible. Like all TurboXS exhaust pieces, it's covered by a five-year warranty against manufacturing defects. Note that it does NOT have a fitting for the factory EGT sensor on 2.0-liter cars; you'll want to put the included resistor in place of that sensor. Comes with studs. Gaskets are available separately, below.

    Fits both manual and automatic Subaru WRX, 2002-2014 model years, including 2008-2014.

  • SKU#: 01246

    Shipping Weight: 7.0 lb

    Supplier: TurboXS

    Category: Other Exhaust Components, TurboXS