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Valenti ULTRA Jewel LED Tail Lamps 2022+ WRX

pre-facelift VB VBWRX

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  • New! Valenti's ULTRA Jewel LED tail lamps for your 2022+ Subaru WRX offer high-tech looks and functionality, with full LED lighting and a combination of element styles for a distinctive appearance.

    Each lamp unit uses a total of 168 high-output LEDs. The light-bar marker lamp uses light guide technology to give the appearance of a continuous light source. 

    The turn signals are amber in color and have a sequential animated action when activated. (If you prefer the turn signals to simply blink, you can change to that mode with minor re-wiring at the back of the lamp.)

    Although the lamps are full-LED, you don't have to worry about hyper-fast blinking; Valenti thought of that and the lamp units have built in resistors for proper operation.

    Lamp installation is extremely easy if you simply want a plug-and-play lamp that has all the standard functions -- it took us less than 30 minutes to install the lamps on our shop car.

    Valenti also designed these lamps with "Opening and Ending Action," (OEA) which is a short lamp animation that happens when you lock or unlock the vehicle. Note that this optional feature does require extra wiring, and there are some other caveats -- see below.

    If you want the extra "Opening and Ending Action," figure an additional three hours or so of wiring, since you need to run a harness inside the car to the front of the passenger compartment. Also, OEA may not work correctly with aftermarket alarm systems or remote start systems. Finally, OEA does require constant power to the lamps, and it does draw a small amount of current even when the car is off. Valenti cautions that this may result in a discharged battery if you don't drive the car every day, or if you drive it only for a short distance.

    Imported by us directly from Valenti Japan. One year factory warranty.

    Choose from red or smoke lamp color. Both lamp colors illuminate the same.

    Set of two lamps, plus wiring harness and instructions, which we machine-translated from the original Japanese. (Please forgive us if the translation is not quite perfect.)

    Fits all 2022+ Subaru WRX.


  • SKU#: 13970RE, 13970SM

    Shipping Weight: 15.0 lb

    Supplier: Valenti

    Category: Exterior Lighting