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VSC Performance "Boomerangs" Hood Vent/Gurney Flap Kit 2015+ WRX/STI

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  • VSC Performance is the parts branch of Vermont SportsCar, the legendary builder of Subaru rally cars and the company responsible for all of Subaru of America's motorsports programs.

    One of the most iconic pieces from the VSC Performance lineup is the VSC hood vent/Gurney flap kit. By disrupting the airflow over the top of the hood, the Gurney flaps (named for racer Dan Gurney) create negative pressure, pulling hot air out of the engine bay and keeping your engine cool. VSC's exclusive water-jet-cut, 17 gauge anodized aluminum mesh openings look awesome and are corrosion- and weather-resistant. The gurney flaps are made of genuine carbon fiber/composite and are finished with UV-resistant gloss clearcoat.

    The carbon fiber “boomerangs” have been used on Vermont SportsCar's competition rally cars for over a decade and have become a visual calling card for VSC-prepared race cars.

    This kit was developed for motorsports and you WILL have to drill and saw holes in your hood. Please be aware that water, dust, and other debris can enter through the holes in the hood and what's directly under there may or may not have been waterproofed, so modify your hood and use this kit at your own risk.

    Set of two vents, two boomerangs, installation template, and hardware.

    Fits all 2015+ WRX/STI, including 2022+ WRX.

    Availability update June 2023: We got a few in! Get them while they last. More are on the way.

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