5x100 flow-form flow-formed rims

, bolt

Weds TC105X 17x9 +35 5x100

5x100 flow-form flow-formed rims

, bolt

  • New! TC105X is a high-tech motorsports-oriented wheel made using Weds' Advanced Metal Forming (AMF) technology. This wheel is the further development of Weds' famous TC105N wheel, and is both stiffer and lighter than its predecessor.

    AMF is a flow-forming technique where the barrel is formed while the metal is still hot from the mold process. The result is a thinner barrel that is stronger and light than conventional casting process wheels.

    The 17x9 +35 fitment is great for first-generation BRZ/FR-S/Toyota 86 cars, among other cars. 5x100 bolt pattern all fits all 2002-2014 WRX, Legacy through 2012, and Forester up to 2012. Note that this +35 offset is fairly aggressive, so be prepared to roll your fenders, depending on tire choice and alignment settings. We will NOT accept returns because of tire interference! You have been warned.

    A new conical barrel design gives excellent brake clearance, and these wheels will clear all OEM Subaru brakes, including four-piston STi Brembo brakes. The barrel has also been enhanced with anti-slip knurling to prevent tire slippage under high-torque acceleration or breaking conditions.

    Note that like many motorsports-derived wheels, TC105X does NOT come with center caps. (You would not want to run a center cap on track anyway.) If you DO want to purchase center caps for them, special combo hubcentric ring/caps are available  separately.

    Super-light at 16.5 pounds each! TPMS-compatible. 65mm hub bore; hubcentric rings are included. 

    We do recommend aftermarket lug nuts, and replacement valve stems.

    Color is Weds' "EJ Titan" color, which is a kind of Hyper Black (a sort of smokey silver/black color). Note that even the paint on these wheels is special -- Weds uses a vapor deposition paint process that allows the paint to be thinner than normal, only 16nm instead of the usual 50nm, meaning -- you guessed it -- light weight. Weds says: "This new paint technology creates a flatter and smoother surface by reducing molecule overlapping, creating a shinier, metallic finish. Reflective properties in the paint allows for reduced heat retention, with the addition of silica treatment. Chemical resistance has been improved to increase the durability of the finish."

    Priced per wheel.

    Note: Because of the large size and the nature of the product, there are NO returns on wheel purchases. MAKE SURE your wheel SIZE, BOLT PATTERN, and OFFSET are correct before ordering!

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