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Whiteline Sway Bars 2022+ WRX

5x114 5x114x BSF51Z VBWRX

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  • The best bang for the buck handling mod you can give your 22+ WRX is a high-performance sway bar. So with over 40 years of automotive sway bar and suspension design, you know you can trust your WRX to the experts at Whiteline. 

    Increasing the diameter of your sway bars will have two main effects. They will modify handling balance in terms of steering bias (understeer or oversteer), and they will increase roll resistance. The stock WRX is designed to be biased towards understeer, meaning that the installation of a larger rear sway bar will eliminate the rear end grip bias and provide a more neutral handling feel. By adding a significantly a stiffer rear sway bar, grip can be biased towards the front end of the car, effectively eliminating the factory understeer and creating oversteer.

    Whiteline rear sway bars for the WRX are adjustable design, allowing you to dial in your desired front or rear stiffness. Whether you are building a time attack monster or just sprucing up your daily driver, you can be sure there is a Whiteline sway bar to suit your needs. All Whiteline sway bars are constructed from solid steel and come in "Silver Sparkle II" metallic powder coat color. Replacement polyurethane bushings, installation grease and instructions are included in each Whiteline sway bar kit for your WRX.


    Choose front or rear sway bar. The front bar is 24mm in diameter. The rear is 22mm. Each comes with replacement sway bar bushings.

    Fits all 2022+ Subaru WRX.

  • SKU#: 13868FR, 13868RE

    Shipping Weight: 15.0 lb

    Supplier: Whiteline

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